Project Sustainability

Project Sustainability

Every aspect of the project has been strategically designed to sustain the Entrepreneurship Village till eternity.

Academic Institutions

Embedded with three major academic institutions, the village will attract over 2,000 students yearly – many of whom come to study here because of the innovative conditions of live, work and study. Its isolated situation provides the ideal incubator for deep intrinsic and intuitive creativity. In the coming months, countless students will be drawn to the E-Village’s breathtaking natural setting. Students often prefer to live where they study; we have 250 units to accommodate over 2,000 students.

Corporate Office for Tech Giants

The E-Village will be housing excellent technology giants like Google and Microsoft, the Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) will feature startup-friendly spaces for incubation, co-working, and meeting rooms in addition to virtual coworking environments. In the first quarter of 2021, the E-village recorded visits by over 100 entrepreneurs and professionals seeking where they are able to test out their products and services in a natural research environment with direct access to tech pioneers.

The International Conference Center (The Dome)

The International Conference Center (the Dome) located opposite the E-Village can accommodate more than 3,500 sitting guests at one event. The dome welcomes up to 50,000 guests annually, along with smaller teleconference rooms available for use by business partners, and an entertainment complex that hosts major events. With a direct link to the E-Village and located directly opposite, guests using the Dome will be able to pre-book their stay for these conferences and events all year round in advance.

Retail Market

Swipe as a super mart inside the E-Village, presents a complete African experience with offerings including ticketing & e-ticketing, education services, pharmacy, transport booking, event tickets, grocery shopping and more on one platform. Swipe’s proximity to the largest Mall in the State (The Akure Mall), housing brands like Shoprite with progressive records of over 5,000 shoppers daily, offers the most ideal new alternative to retails needs and an opportunity for a tour of the E-Village and her services. Swipe is an offline and online mart that offers a new alternative to retail shopping. A shopping mall made up of a cluster of mini malls, offering all the services needed for daily life.


Privacy Restaurant located on the tenth floor of one of the E-village towers offers selected cuisines from all over the world. With a scenic view, that enables each dinner see the breath taking lush green and high mountains in the state Capital city Akure. Privacy represents a food culture that is creative, evolving and fully online with self-service robots that not only enables you not to wait in line but also recognizes your name, taste, chair and preference the next time you visit. Designed with private cubic spaces for every customer, this isolated fine dinning innovation formed its name “Privacy”.

Applied Sciences Center

Fostering real life applications in applied sciences, the E-Village through its creative campus’ is creating a state of the art electronic innovation center for application of new innovation in sciences for enhanced human productivity and business ecosystem improvements. This state of the art center is the first of it’s kind in Africa with access to ICT infrastructure; on-site internship production facilities and extended Science Business Incubation projects. This center works as the applied sciences live production unit, an Annex to the E-Village creative campus’ located at the trade-fair complex 50 meters adjacent to the village. The innovative application of new inventions and scientific discoveries in data sciences will re-define the way students are educated, businesses operate and government handles services to its citizens.

Film Production

Megamindz, our creative film production and audio-visual studio and academy, is the first studio in Nigeria that offers the advantage of housing the film producers and crew on-site during production. With state of art voice over, dubbing, music recording, online, TV and film studios, we expect an all year round fully booked facility.

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